Melanie and Jeshua - Wedding Photography at BrookLodge, Wicklow

Today I want to show you one of the most interesting weddings of the past summer 2022. Jesh and Melanie, happily in love, met in Ireland and fell in love. It's a very amazing story considering the fact that Melanie is from the USA and Jesh is from New Zealand. In Ireland, the guys work in a charitable foundation that saves seals, thanks to which they were able to meet and fall in love with each other. Happy newlyweds. And I suggest you watch the full version of the wedding photo shoot in order to have an idea about our work in full, and not just get acquainted with the portfolio.

The wedding took place in a beautiful place - a magnificent Brooke Lodge hotel, immersed in greenery, located in County Wicklow, not far from Dublin. That day was beautiful salty weather and it helped to have a wonderful wedding photo session on the picturesque territory of the hotel. The guys gave me a lot of smiles and laughter, which created an excellent atmosphere for a wedding photo shoot. As a wedding photographer, I had a lot of fun photographing this gorgeous couple.