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A baby's sweet smile and directness are especially beautiful in the first years of birth. Of course, your child will always be the cutest and most beautiful in the world for you. But these chubby fingers, soft and silky hair, pink cheeks, first teeth and first steps, the first word mom will always remain in your heart and soul. Family photography at this age is quite difficult, but if you follow certain rules, it will be easy and relaxed, and beautiful photos will delight you with pleasant memories for a long time.

These rules are very simple:
1. The weather in Ireland, and in Dublin in particular, allows you to take photos almost all day (except for a sunny day at noon, but there are almost no such days on the island)
2. It is advisable to adjust the time of the photo shoot to the activity of the child, i.e. it is best to take it right after the afternoon nap
3. Do not look for difficult and distant locations for shooting, the road there can tire the child very much. It is also best if it is a relatively quiet and uncrowded place where the child will not be distracted by anything (park, forest)
3. The shooting time can be 1 or 2 hours, this is the maximum, considering that children rarely endure more than two hours of shooting (as well as some adults).
4. For the shooting, you will need comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics, without bright prints, and accessories (it should complement you, ), the color scheme should also be similar in all family members.
5. You will also need a blanket, favorite toys, and a snack for the baby.
6. Be sure to tell the older children where you are going and what you will do (about the photo shoot)
7. Smile and be relaxed, children feel the sodium of their parents.
8. Think of photography as a fun game, and then the time will pass quickly and you will get many beautiful shots.


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