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Your Engaged! I am so pleased.. Lets start creating your story. As your wedding photographers we provide a few packages that you can choose from at reasonable prices. However if you do need a package that is not on the list, we can create a bespoke wedding photography package for you.

We photograph any wedding with any budget! It's easy and fun with us!

Individual approach
We try to find an individual approach, I try to capture moments of happiness, I strive to emphasize, I am looking for emotions and moments, I will preserve all the beauty blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
We are sure. that every bride, when looking for a photographer for her wedding, read these sweetly sugary lines from the portfolio of my fellow wedding photographers. I have nothing against such advertising, but ...
- We are not looking for emotions at the wedding! Why look for them when there are so many emotions at the wedding that you just have time to shoot. And we succeed!
- We do not catch your moments of happiness - these are your moments and you should catch them! And We'll take a picture of it all without you noticing.
– We don’t have to try to find an individual approach – I just sincerely help the newlyweds feel comfortable in the frame and everyone, without exception, look beautiful in the photo.
Dozens and even hundreds of my brides and grooms will not let me lie.
Wedding photographers in Dublin Tetiana and Sergii Derkach
We know everything about weddings!
And that's why over 300 happy couples have already received their wedding photos from me. They even wrote reviews.
In addition to cool Dublin wedding photoshoot, you will also receive
Assistance in posing (We will tell you how beautiful it is to stand, sit, lie down, run, hug, kiss, live a happy life, grow old together and die on the same day in a hundred years)
We will suggest beautiful places - hotels for the morning of the morning of the bride and groom, outdoor and indoor venues for a wedding photo walk, photo studios and locations in case of rain, snow, hurricane, tornado and storm.
We will tell you what to look for when preparing for the wedding. How and where to save money. (on me you will already 100% save a lot of nerves)
Exact observance of the deadlines for the return of finished wedding photos (often I give it even earlier, sometimes the next day.)
And also:
We will make a portrait for EVERY guest
We will recommend cool stylists, make-up artists, decorators, florists and presenters.
All the invited guests will definitely be in the photos.
We will take a bunch of brutal portraits for the groom in 5 minutes, even if he does not like to be photographed.
We will make a cool wedding photo book (when ordering from 10 hours).
We will help you create a beautiful stylish celebration without sky-high costs
All of our photos are lively, emotional and stylish
We want our photos to make people laugh with happiness, cry with happiness and hold their breath with happiness.
Our photos may not be the most fashionable or glamorous. But the fact that they are lively, emotional, stylish is for sure. They are real! The color of my photographs is super-bright spots that are not striking in the eyes, behind which the newlyweds themselves are sometimes lost. My color is always seasoned, calm and noble.
Wedding photographers in Dublin Sergii and Tetiana Derkach
As a result of Our work, you will receive:
Cool, stylish, lively photos at any time of the year
All 100% of photos are processed. Not only the newlyweds, but also all relatives and friends.
At the preliminary meeting, you will definitely see several weddings in their entirety.
Ease and comfort during photography on a wedding walk
You do not need to be able to pose like a fashion model, the main thing is that I can shoot.
Everything will be easy, even for those who do not know how and do not like to be photographed.
All events of the day will be in the frame.
All important events and emotional moments will definitely be filmed. Each of your guests * will not be forgotten by me.
* - We don't post photos of guests in my portfolio, since I do not have permission from them to publish.
Wedding photographers in Dublin Sergii and Tetiana Derkach
Full color correction and photo retouching
Each of your wedding photos goes through color correction and light cosmetic retouching - I remove pimples, fine mimic wrinkles, and even out skin tone. And I do this on all photos, including photos of relatives and friends.
Selection of places for a wedding photo shoot
In Dublin and all over Ireland, there are a huge number of beautiful places for shooting.
We will select a few for you to suit your wedding style.
Wedding photographers in Dublin Sergii and Tetiana Derkach
Guaranteed terms and obligations
Everything is transparent, official and everything is under the contract.