What our clients say about us and our work

We selected Sergei out of many photographers who were located nearby us due to his exceptional skills in capturing real emotions and the way he plays with light in his shots. We really didn't see anyone else's work in Austria that would compare in quality to his. Our wedding was in mid 2020 and with the travel restrictions we were very pleased that he still managed to come and even acted as both photographer AND videographer at the same time, delivering wonderful video and pictures. He acted very professionally throughout the whole process and I can only recommend his services. I am sure that we will continue working with him to capture our further family milestones.

Much respect for the occasion, thanks to which I chose you! what we did with you - no one has come up with yet!) and if they did, they all sunk into oblivion after our experience with you! it was so easy and so wonderful! and how much is left behind the scenes, and how many more ideas appeared in parallel! you are amazing in your irrepressible desire to create and surprise.

Daria Puzan

Just amazing!

We have been looking for a wedding photographer for a long time. We reviewed several dozens of works by different photographers, and finally reaching the portfolio of Sergii and Tatiana, we realized - ohh, this is what we want! I want to note that neither I nor my husband liked to be photographed before. But that was before meeting these wonderful people!) As a result, we had a lot of fun and want more :) The guys charge with their optimism and lightness! Once again, thank you so much!!"

You are so talented!

Sergii thank you so much for the video! :) This is exactly what we thought about and how we imagined this filming. As if moments from a dream that you so want not to forget when you wake up .. As if you were in a Fellini film .. time stopped somewhere there and we are with him. You managed to do it with great talent, convey or rather even create an atmosphere and a feeling that is hard to describe in words, but easy to feel in your work. We are very glad that we got to know you..By the way, the friends that were with us at the wedding got engaged the next day, so maybe we'll see you again in the near future) All the best and thanks again.

Arkadiy Bobritskiy